About Us

More than just clothes…


DORS is offering each man the opportunity to dress himself as the man he wants to be.  Each garment is designed with emphasis in the detail, targeted to make each person that wears them feel comfortable and unique.  DORS garments are produced with care, using high quality materials, and focusing on offering a product that the customer will enjoy for a long time.  The DORS Casual chic look, is fashionable, and can offer many solutions to a man during his day.  Comfortable Chinos, stylish shirts, casual sweaters and polos, easy T-shirts make the DORS clothes one of the most easy-wearing brands.


DORS is an international brand that since 1990 is owned by the Greek company KAFKALAS FASHION GROUP SA.  The design of the brand is made by a group of Greek designers, after consulting the most updated exhibitions, fashion magazines and trends.

DORS is produced in high end factories all over the world.  All factories that produce DORS products meet the EU regulations for ecological and employment standards.


So enjoy the DORS clothes and be a member of the DORS SOCIETY….